[4.6.1] Custom UMG cursor working?

I trying to make a custom cursor for my menus, in the UMG, i added a image and i moving the image using the cursor position in the viewport, but i get the image and the windows cursor over. If i turn off the “Show Mouse Cursor” in the player controller, the windows mouse hide but the buttons of the UMG don’t work, no get reply from mouse cursor.
Any idea ? Help please. Thanks.

Are bEnableClickEvents and bEnableMouseOverEvents set to true? Also make sure your gameviewport isn’t taking focus but your UI, use this function if needed FSlateApplication::SetUserFocus | Unreal Engine Documentation

I’m in Blueprints, and the bools EnableClickEvents & EnableMouseOverEvents are checked in the PlayerController. The mouse only work with the buttons when is “Show Mouse Cursor” turn on.
Anyway thanks.
Other ideas ?

Well, another idea is to turn back on bShowMouseCursor but set DefaultMouseCursor variable to EMouseCursor::None

That give me the same problem.

Do your buttons work with usual cursor?

The buttons have the default settings only changed the pos and size.

Any updates on this? I’m having the same issue.