[4.6.1, 4.5.1] - Copy/Cut BP nodes from one Event Graph and Paste to an another causes missing nodes and links!


While organizing my BP code by splitting into multiple Event Graphs, I’ve noticed that various nodes and links disappear during copy/cut and paste process. It is a nightmare for huge BP graphs!

You can reproduce issue;

Step 1: Create a “Reflections” project from UE4 sample projects library.

Step 2: Open Level BP. Select bottom comment box (including all components within). Cut.

Step 3: Add a new Event Graph.

Step 4: Switch to new Event Graph, and Paste :frowning:

It gets worse with huge BP codes; a majority of custom events, timelines, variables and links disappear!

Hey Dynamo,

I can verify that this did not work correctly in 4.6.1, but it has been fixed internally and can already be seen working correctly in 4.7 Preview 5. Thanks for report!