[4.6.0]Only client #1 can interact with UI widgets

Video proof:

In multiplayer only the first client can use the UI, it is a dedicated server, all players are remote players.

Notice the second player not getting hover events, this is a UMG bug and not a problem with my networking.

Hi ,

Can you show me a screenshot of your 3D widget setup including the “My Blueprints” pane that contains your variables? Thank you!

Sure, Imgur.

Problem is still present in 4.7 preview 8.

Can you post your event graph as well? I haven’t been able to reproduce this on my end, perhaps I am doing something different than you are.

Here’s the whole project: Mega.co.nz

Hi ,

I have been attempting to open your project, however you have several plugins that seem to be required before I am able to open it. Can you send me a project with these plugins in the Plugins folder so I can attempt to reproduce this on my end?

Sorry, forgot about that.

Here’s the plugins folder with all the required plugins, just drop them in. Download

Hello ,

I looked into this issue and it sounded familiar. After doing a bit of digging I found that this issue (UE-6411) has already been reported. Thank you for your time and information.

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