[4.5]Startup movies end prematurely

Hey guys,

If you make a blank code project, add this startup movie (ticking ‘wait for movies to complete’), and package, you’ll notice that when you play your packaged game, the movie won’t fully complete.

Apparently this has been a persistent problem. I’d love to hear any suggestions re. fixes, as well as its current status.


Hello ,

This is currently a known issue and is being addressed by the developers. We are working to have this issue resolved for future builds. Thank you for your patience with this issue and look for an update in future releases for this fix.


Hey Andrew,

Thanks for the update - I was worried that it was forgotten :slight_smile:

I found another issue with the movie player, posted here; [4.5] Using loading screen crashes game on exit - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums. Certainly an interesting one.


still skipping for me in 4.12 =(

Hey gustavorios2,

Since this issue is a bit outdated and deals with an engine version greater than three versions back, could you please create a new answerhub for the issue you are experiencing with some steps so I can reproduce this in a new blank project?

Simply respond to this request with a link to the newly created post. Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.

Thank you,