4.5 DataTable - 'Row Not Found' when printing string

Since updating to 4.5 release my DataTables no longer work. I’ve recreated DataTable from scratch this was not copied or anything like that from my 4.5 preview.

I setup a C++ First Person Template project. I added C++ code to project and added my code in VS2013 and was able to import csv file just fine, everything compiled no problems what so ever. When I create an actor blueprint and add Get Table Row Data and connect pins like I did with 4.5 Preview it will not print sting from Row Found???. I’ve put a Row Not Found pin to a string to say NOT WORKING!!!. Yes I have compiled BPand saved BP as well as entire project several times.

I place BP into level and press Play and it prints Row Not Found string.

You can see setup here complete with BP, Viewport and VS2013 .h code


Hey Rennsix!

im also having this problem.
Looks like dropdown box isnt functioning. A workaround that is helping me is to input “Row Name” from a variable or from a “Make Literal Name” node.

Hey rennsix and ,

I was able to reproduce this in 4.5.0, but after switching to 4.5.1 I can no longer reproduce issue. Can you upgrade to 4.5.1 and see if you still have same problem? You may need to replace Get Data Table Row node. Thanks!

Hey !

i can confirm this. In 4.5.1 this problem no longer occurs.

Yes! All better now. Thank you!