[4.5] Custom Tutorial Blueprint Crash

I was just playing around with new tutorial blueprints in UE 4.5 preview, when I encountered a bug that causes editor to crash when viewing documentation.

Here is my test tutorial blueprint:

I think problem is “Go to next tutorial stage” call, I am probably not even supposed to call it…well, a crash isn’t supposed to happen either when I do, so I thought I just report it here :wink:

Hey shadowcoder31,

I was able to reproduce this in 4.5 Preview. I also checked our internal build, and it looks like it has already been fixed. This should no longer cause a crash in 4.6, and I will see if fix will make it into 4.5 Release. Thanks for pointing this out!

For now, you are correct: Go to Next Tutorial Stage is causing crash, and removing it should solve problem for you. You probably shouldn’t be able to use that node there, as it is referencing something that is no longer open when Tutorial Stage Ended event is called.