4.5 Constantly crashes. Can we just delay updates a bit to do more QA Please?

I keep having crashes with 4.5 they seem pretty random and all over the place. While I love new features I really wish we could get more stable releases. Is anyone else having these problems? 4.5 seems particularly bad. I hope soon we can get an entire update that is just focused on stability and fixing issues. Often the issues on answerhub go unanswered

I haven’t experienced a crash yet. I was getting a ton in the preview release, though.

I have some random crash too but in every version. Pretty rare too.

Actually, for me it’s mostly hot reload, and it isn’t really annoying if you get used to ctrl+s every 10 seconds or so. If you want a more stable version of the engine, just do not update, the stability will be fixed in the next version propably, or a hot-fix.

Also, remember that the ue4 is in a fairly early phase, and we are the QA.

There, fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced a crash since the engine was launched. Maybe I’m not using it right. =P

You should report those crashes, otherwise you cant expect Epic to know what to fix.

Btw, 4.5 is pretty solid for me so far except for a bit of performance drop.

Man 4.5 is completely unusable on my machine. It doesn’t crash, but just dragging a bsp into the scene is a major commitment in waiting. And that already annoying (just decide on the fly) to build the lighting every time you change a texture or you move something (with no way to turn that off that is foreseeable) has turned into triple if not quadruple the wait time. Also moving more than one object seems to just freeze in space for a good 45 seconds to a unpleasing 5 minutes… Where was new UPDATE a good idea? I would need to be about as slow as molasses mentally to be able to do anything in 4.5… Or of course have 3k to spend on a new machine.

You dont have to build the lighting every time you make a change.

thats all ive noticed as well slight performance drop…it only crashes for me when I do something improper with blueprints

You’l need to be a bit more specific than “It constantly crashes”. Have a look at how to submit a bug report. will help Epic find out where the problem lies.

For all we know, you don’t satisfy the requirements. (From what I’ve seen on the boards, an inadequate amount of RAM is a common problem is a common problem). Not saying that is the problem, though.:slight_smile:

I hope you get it sorted, anyway.

I’m also getting a lot of crashes in Blueprints in 4.5. Random ones for no apparent reason, I could be doing anything, very simple things and it will often crash.

Good to see it’s not just me.
Was about to do a format today.

EDIT: As people are saying here: It is probably often a ram. I had two faulty cards when I checked after original post was written, bumping me down to 10GB.
When the launcher eats 2-3GB of that because of it’s insane memory leaks, no wonder things are unstable…

Hi Folks,

We really care about the stability of our product. If you could please post any repro steps you have on answers.unrealengine.com we will jump on those immediately.

We have a hotfix that addresses some crash issues in the works, and hopefully with your help we can make sure we get all of these addressed in the near future.

P.S. If any of you post on answers.unrealengine.com with a crash and repro steps, and don’t get a responce, please don’t hesitate to email me directly and i’ll dig into the.

Apologies for the hassle and thanks for the report! As Paul said, please report any and all crashes and we’ll jump on them as we treat crashes as top priority.

I recon instead of doing the one off bug reports on Answerhub, I’ll make a document on all the issues and attempts to fix. Crash logs, debug files, screenshots the whole 9 yards so you can get enough information to fix accurately.

I gather as were not a standard use case for UE4, “large openworld RPG” it will be useful?

Then I’ll post it all on answerhub :).

I haven’t experienced a crash since beta of UE4. I blame the users not the releases. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside no crashes here besides once i ended up crashing and that was because i overdid it a bit ^^

Delete trees from terrains, a good way to start on the path of crashing wise grasshopper.

Please report your crashes to Epic in Answerhub, so they can fix it asap! We are waiting a bit until switching fully to 4.5. Just to make sure it’s stable enough :stuck_out_tongue:

:S Report your to epics answerhub. I am not involved with the things you told me and i’m happy that my field (VFX) didn’t experience kind of things. Hope it gets fixed for you too.