4.5 combined Play/Simulate button not so great


working with UE 4.5 for a few days now I found the new combine play/simulate button really annoying.

Is there a way to get it back that I didn’t find yet? Am I the only one who thinks the combined button is disturbing the workflow?


No you are not alone. Its annoying for me too. I wish if they make an option to toggle just like what they have for Move/Rotate combined widget.

+1. Please get back to old setup ;).

+1 it is an epic pain in the butt to change between the two

  • 1 for me as well. Just my thought.

+1 for me and also combined buttons for world settings annoys me, why combining anyway ? there will be plenty of space with just little bit smaller icons, icons are gigantic anyway.

I got used to press ALT+S instead. I dont bother about the button at all to simulate…

Epic should give us a PDF with key shortcuts and remove all menus and buttons anyway :rolleyes:

Here are some of them: