4.5 Change PlayerController Class

Right now i currently have a MainMenuHUD and a default PlayerController to start up. I was wondering if it is possible to basically assign a new playercontroller class for the player and basically “reset” for inGame. I think this will help not only help to keep things organized, but to help lower memory usage. Anyone know how to do this in C++?

#Using a Custom Player Controller

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If I understand unreal enough. The player controller attribute sets the controller for when the player connects to the server. However, how my crude system is players are automatically connected and set to a MainMenu map where it setsthe players HUD to my main menu, then when they are logged in they are sent to an in game map. (Side note: can different players be on different maps on the same server? Or is unreal set up for like fps where everyone is on one map at a time?) Then once the player is logged in and sent to the map they saved on I want to chance the player controller class they are currently using. Is this possible? Or am I going the completely wrong with this? Or do I have to just make a inherited controller classes to my already customs one?.