[4.5] APlayerController->setShowCursor | camera movement bound to window

If mouse cursor is hidden in UE4.4, it doesn’t restrict Yaw and Pitch input to window bounds. I’am able to move camera freely, without any bounds.

If mouse cursor is hidden in UE4.5, Yaw and Pitch input is restricted to window bounds. I can only move camera as far as to window bounds and I’am stuck there.

Is this expected behaviour? If yes, how can I re-create behaviour of UE4.4?

Edit: I can not interact with UMG until I left click into viewport.

Example to re-produce in blueprint (extended third-person template):

Hey ,

I was able to reproduce this both in our internal build and 4.5 Preview. I entered a bug report in our database for developers to look over (TTP# 349468) and I will let you know if I see an update. Thanks for report!

Great! Thanks a lot!

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developers looked into it, and it appears that default starting state may have changed slightly, but Set Show Cursor is generally insufficient to switch between Game/UI modes, which is what controls cursor being locked to viewport. correct way to set this up is to use Set Input Mode nodes in conjunction with Show Mouse Cursor nodes. For your case, it might look like this:

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Awesome! Thanks a lot!