[4.5] Animation Retargeting Using Rig, Cant get 3ds Max Biped -> Epic Skeleton to work

Dear Friends at Epic,

I am encountering progress-stopping issue with converting the standard 3ds Max Biped to the Epic Skeleton!

#Thank You Lina!

First off I love this new system and can’t wait to get 3ds max Biped working with it, so special thanks to Lina for making this awesome system!

#What Works

upper body works great! Entirely great!


Thigh and Thigh Twist in Epic Skeleton are not working with 3ds Max Biped

#Adjusting Base Pose

I am indeed adjusting base pose to match Epic Skeleton Base pose.

#What I’ve tried

I’ve tried using just Thigh twists or just regular Thigh bones, only one or other, and also tried using both.

When I use just thigh twist results are different than just regular thigh (left and right)

But in both cases it is totally messed up in similar way to picture shown below


I have no idea what to do since only thing I can think of is fiddling with whether Biped skeleton thigh bones are mapped to Epic twist or regular thigh bones, or both, and none of 3 options work:

  • Thigh L/R → Epic Thigh L/R
  • Thigh L/R → Epic Thigh Twist L/R
  • Thigh L/R → Epic Thigh Twist and also Epic Thigh

Since none of these work with 3ds max Biped I am not sure what to do!

#Full Context

I am trying to prepare an asset from 3dfoin for marketplace, and I have setup a rig to go from EpicSkeleton->3dfoin asset.

3dfoin asset uses standard 3ds max biped.

picture you can see below is result of me trying to click on the Epic Skeleton Walk animation, and retarget it to 3ds max biped / 3dfoin asset.

I am doing all bone remappings to 3dfoin asset since that is one receiving Epic Skeleton animations.


#Biped Thigh → Epic Thigh Twist / Regular Thigh Seem To Be Issue

yellow dots show where thigh bones should be,

pink dots show where they end up after retargeting.

#My Rig Bone Setup

#Another Pic

Snother pic, this again is Epic Skeleton Walk → 3ds Max Biped

This asset is from 3dfoin.com

Hey ,

It seems like one of your skeletons has more bones than other. Have you gone through some retargeting adjustments?


You would want to do that before retargeting base pose.

If you have done so and are still experiencing this, would you mind sending me biped asset you’re using? You can send me a link via forums if you’re not able to post it publicly; it looks like you purchased asset, so I would understand if you don’t want to attach that here. Then I can run through process and see if we have a bug hidden in here. Thanks!

Dear ,

Hi there!

Actually I don’t have legal right to share asset in any sort of public way, but I could use Epic’s private/blind ftp server!

can you send me ftp info for uploading to Epic’s blind ftp server? I’ve done this before but I lost track of password :slight_smile:

Thanks !


PS: Lina also mentioned to me that she is going to look at this on her side of things

#Epic Skeleton Has more Leg bones

Dear and Lina,

Epic skeleton has more leg bones/twist things than 3ds max biped, but as far as I know translation retargeting adjustments are not something I can do / would do to Epic Skeleton.

3ds biped has fewer, not more, but can’t I only do Recursively Set Translation Retargeting on destination skeleton / 3ds max biped that is receiving Epic skeleton animations?

#Could it be Tail?

Do you think extra tail bones are causing any sort of issue?

Hi, ,

I fixed this issue in CL 2333707, and it should be available in Hotfix 4.5.1. Thanks for report.


#You’re Amazing Lina!

Wow that was fast!

Thank you for this incredible new engine feature Lina!