4.5.1 Deploys OK on mid-range Android, 4.6.x and onwards fails

I just finished reproducing and confirming the following issue:

UE 4.5.1 + Top-Down Blueprint Deploys and runs fine on mid-range Android Galaxy S4 Mini with following changes:

  • Start the project with Mobile-scalability and Starter Content
  • Change all materials to “Unlit” and “Fully rough”
  • Copy from UE 4.5.1 engine distribution the Android-binaries (namely just 1-2 files) under Engine/Binaries/Android - as the deployment suggests to
  • Deploy from editor

Game starts without issues.

Trying to repeat the above with 4.6.x or 4.7.x fails without any clear error message; the game deploys without errors, but the device simply closes the app (either silently or with blunt “has stopped” messagebox). I know there has been changes around manifest files, but there are no obvious permission issues on the logs that would give out the reason for silent-crash failure.

For more background info, the S4 Mini runs with Adreno 305; while it’s not high-end GPU, it’s also found for some other low-mid-range Samsung models such as Galaxy Express 2. These are great devices to be able to run UE4, because they reach much-much wider market than the expected flagship devices. The S4 Mini is also listed in Android Device Compatibility.

I hope someone can help solve the issue; there is no lag on the 4.5.1 example games, so it doesn’t look like it’s on the “barely functional” edge either…

Ok I continued to examine the case further with Google/Asus Nexus 7 2012 version; and re-testing with my latest 4.7.3 version and apparently everything works.

Taking editor from 4.7.3 version and 4.7(.2) Android binaries from the installed engine (matching 4.7 version) the top-down example deploys and runs fine. This is likely the mistake I did before - I likely had old binaries leftovers on my main development stack, when I upgraded the sources)… However I’m I’m pretty sure I did take the 4.6.x version binaries when I tested the above before reporting it.

Anyway, I’d like to confirm that apparently at least 4.7.3 with Android binaries from 4.7 installed engine, TopDown sample deploys and runs on mid-range Androids such as S4 Mini and Nexus 7 2012 edition.