4.4 Preview packaging for iPad

While trying to deploy to an iPad, I finally managed to actually get the app onto the device. However the app is in mobile phone size and format, I’ve never experienced this problem with previous versions so I’m guessing it’s a bug or is there something I can do to fix it?

Howdy Zaeran 24,

Thank you for reporting this issue. What iPad device are you currently deploying your project to? Also , what version is your iPad currently on? Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!

I’m running on an iPad air with iOS 7.1.2

Hey Zaeran24,

I have attempted to recreate this issue and have been unsuccessful. All I have done is loaded up a first person project, packaged the project, and deployed to an iPad running on 7.1.2. Is there any additional steps you could provide that would help to create the issue? I have tried to adjust the camera view and add a post process but I am unsure as to what you have changed so that I would be able to recreate the issue.

Thanks and have a great day!

I wasn’t able to recreate the issue either, most of the project was done with 4.3 and then converted to 4.4. I had no problems with any other conversions though.

Howdy Zaeran,

Just wanted to check with you and see if the issue has been resolved since the 4.4 release yesterday. If it has not, please let me know so that i may further investigate the issue.


Well i’m not sure, I can’t package for iOS at all anymore.

Is your build currently failing when attempting to package for iOS? If so, could you attach the build log from your attempt to package?

Can you also send us your DXdiag and your log files from the project that you are packaging?


I have the error in a separate post. I was able to get packaging working and running on the iPad fine with the released version of 4.4. I did have to recreate the project and copy the content over though. It looks like there might be a problem with the conversion process, none of my converted projects have packaged correctly so far.

Howdy Zaeran24,

Thank you for posting this issue. I have looked into our bug database and found a similar issue that has been reported. Since the issue is reported, I am going to close this issue for tracking purposes. If you experience a similar issue with future builds, please feel free to reopen this issue so that I may further investigate.

Thanks again and have a great day!