4.4 Preview - no sound on 7.1 system


I tested the new 4.4 preview (pre-built version) and everything seems to be okay. But I noticed, that I am unable to hear any sound using my extra sound card: Creative SB X-Fi (it works perfectly with the 4.3.X build and before).

If I switch to my main board sound (built-in sound card you could say), I am able to hear sound.

One more thing: The Creative SB X-Fi is configured for 7.1 surround sound. Maybe that’s the difference?

Here is a screenshot: Dropbox - Error

I guess, that “Name not avalable” entry is my UE4-Editor.exe.

I still have these SB X-FI Cards but I’m not using them. I remember whenever you configured speaker setups in Windows, a lot of applications lost sound because they didn’t have surround sound support.

Try configuring them for stereo sound and setting them as the default audio device.

That does not fix it. Also, it doesn’t make sense that Unreal Engine 4.1 should not support surround sound as a game engine.

It works when I use Version 4.3.1 (even with surround sound), but not in 4.4, so i guess this is a bug.

Dalon, can you glean your card’s driver information? A dxdiag attachment may be helpful. If you happen to not be on the latest driver, it would be helpful to know if any change occurs upon updating.

[Edit: Also, after setting it to Stereo, you could also try backing up (or deleting) these folders as a general trouble-shooting step to see if it fixes your build:



We’re investigating here, too.


Same situation for me as well… I have sound on my 7.1 system in 4.3.x but no sound at all in 4.4.

I do not have a creative sound card…
Soundmax native to my Asus MoBO… 7.1 works in 'nix 4.4 fine, just not winblows…

Sorry for the delay. I don’t think this is a driver problem, since every other application I can think of works just fine as it is right now. Even Unreal Engine 4.3.1 (on the same machine!) works fine with 7.1 sound.

Also, as I said, configuring for 2.0/2.1 sound didn’t fix the problem either.

link text

If you go into the audio config for windows and set your sound settings to STEREO then you will have sound…

Do this by doing the following:

  1. RIGHT-CLICK the speaker icon [Down on the taskbar (bottom right, in the system tray volume icon)]
  2. Click Playback Devices
  3. Select your audio device (obviously differs based on system specs)
  4. Click Configure on the bottom left
  5. Select STEREO, then Next 3-4 times…

Then you will have sound in the 4.4 preview…



Thank you. If I do as you described, I am able to hear sound in Unreal Engine 4.4 Preview.

But the sound quality is really bad, since it uses only 2.0 on my (true) 7.1 headset. That’s not a valid solution for me though - especially since it works with 7.1 sound in Unreal Engine 4.3.X and prior.

Don’t know why this post is marked as the solution to the problem, since it is not.

However, the problem now is fixed in the new Unreal Engine 4.4 (not preview) - I have sound again with 7.1 :slight_smile:

So thanks anyway, Epic!

Howdy Dalon,

Glad to hear that the issue has been resolved in 4.4. I am going to mark this issue as being resolved since it is currently working. If the problem does return in a future build please be sure to let us know.

Thanks and have a great day!