4.4. Comment Issues

I am having an in 4.4 where I can no longer resize or change the text of comments and even selecting them with a double click takes multiple tries before working. Some comments are fine, but 80% are not. Once I finally select a comment, I can delete it, but making a new comment in it’s place has the same. I can set it’s text when I create it, but if I deselect it I lose control over it.

Please post on Answerhub so developers can track it better.



A assigned a technician to investigate it and he will post on the answerhub shortly. Thanks for letting us know and be sure to report any other unexpected behavior on the answerhub.

Thanks. It seems like comments inside comments are broken. The outermost comment is fine, but the inner comments may be stuck in the background somehow.

I am having the same, I noticed in the 4.4 preview on Wednesday, but I forgot to create a thread about it. I did some more testing to see if it was only happening in an upgraded blueprint/material, or if it is an when you add a comment to a comment in your project now (in 4.4), and I can confirm that upgraded BP’s have the, but when I create a new one and put a comment in a comment, there is no problem, it works as expected. The old ones though, as you say, somehow end up behind the parent comment, and do not move when you move with the parent comment when you drag it around.

For me it happens in both the BP Editor and Material editor, have not checked if is an in other editors (animation, behavior trees etc), but most likely will be the same for all the ones based off of the base node editor.

I can see why would be an for you, you have some crazy big and complicated blueprints! Your map generator is really cool btw, I have read about it but not tried it yet, but nice work, looks great! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just noticed it has been answered by , for anyone reading , here is the quote:

Just wanted to give an update, we have entered a report for the and it is being looked into now. Thank you for your report!