4.4.1 Caps lock affecting key bindings?

Since upgrading to 4.4.1 on MacOSX caps-lock affects key bindings for play movement. Player can only move right using ‘D’ key when Caps-lock is enabled. Player can always move left using the ‘A’ key regardless of caps-lock. What’s the dealio? I don’t believe this was the case in early versions…


Hi ,

Does this occur on a blank project with no additional content? How do you have your keybindings set up?

It seems to do the same when navigating the Editor (while not simulating or in game), also in the compiled game. I created a new blank project and it does the same thing. I do not believe it has anything to do with key bindings. But I have attached anyway.

Hi ,

I just attempted this on our side and could not reproduce it. Is there any other information that might help us to create this bug on our end? Have you changed anything in the player blueprints that could be linked to this?

Also, what system keyboard layout do you use (System Preferences->Keyboard->Input Sources)? Thanks.

Okay, this is weird. It seems to be something on my system side that is conflicting with unreal, as I tested the compiled game on another Mac and it works perfectly, no sign of the bug. This however doesn’t help me. I am using the Australian keyboard layout.

Turns out it was another piece of software that was installed on my mac which changed the way the capslock fuctioned. All is working fine now.

Thanks for update! Would you mind letting us know what software it was?