[4.3] Right Click Menus and Taskbar Menus don't appear

Hi there,

I recently updated my project to 4.3 and now right click context menus don’t appear whatsoever. I can still select options the drop down menus simply aren’t visible.

Any button that creates a drop down menu seems to be having the same problem too.

Any help would be appreciated, i’m a bit miffed.

Excellent, thanks very much!

go into the config folder of your project and delete DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini the problem is caused by the → Enable Window Animations option.

also you could just disable the option inside the .ini itself which would resolve your problem aswell.

you’re welcome


I am having the same problem but not seeing the DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini in the Config folder. See attached. Anyone knows what the solution would be in that case? thanks!

Does anyone have an answer for this that actually works? Because my 4.11 project is doing the exact same thing and the Windows Animations option doesnt exist in my DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini file