[4.3] Reroute Infinite Loop

Rerouting a wire into another reroute that will go back into the previous reroute will cause an infinite loop and freeze the editor.


Hello, kevin_g.

Can you tell me what version of UE4 you’re using?

I’m not able to reproduce this bug on my end. What sort of node are you pulling off of?

Sorry, forgot to mention 4.3

This was set up inside of a Level Blueprint coming off of a Begin Play event.

I’m doing exactly that and I still can’t manage to reproduce it. When I connect the nodes on a 4.3 editor, they snap together and erase the old wire that would create the loop.

Is there anything else you can think of that might possibly help me get the same freeze that you’re getting?

I’m using the exact same version as you. This is exactly what your setup looks like, right?

Another thing I can think of is that I’m doing it from the editor downloaded from the launcher versus entire engine from the repository. Below is the current version I am using.


I was also able to reproduce it on my team member’s machine doing the same thing.

Ah, the direction from which you pull/insert from reroute mattered from the y-axis. It will tell the reroute whether to insert to input, or override output:

Oh! I had no idea that it worked that way. Thanks for being patient with me.

I’ll go ahead and report that bug, then. Definitely not working as intended.

I’m reporting this bug internally. With any luck, it will be fixed soon.

Thanks for your help!



I have had my editor lock up while performing a similar reroutine action in Version: 4.17.2-3658906+++UE4+Release-4.17

Unfortunately I neglected to take a screenshot at the time and I’ve lost the logic that caused the issue. If it happens again I will reply with repro steps.