4.3 material compiling times really slow

Is it me or are material/shader compiling times really slow in 4.3? I have a basic material with a Vector Parameter for color, same for a subsurface scattering color, and some tessellation. I change the color in one vector parameter and it takes 30 seconds to compile and preview.

I reported this a couple of days ago, Epic is looking into it :slight_smile:

I am like 30 minutes waiting the “compiling shaders” opening The Cave sample map from marketplace for the first time…
and I think it will be the last one… oh my…

I am having the same issue. When opening the “Effects Cave” and other maps it is compiling shaders for almost an hour. Same issue in 4.2

Switching to OpenGL in Project Settings helped me, I think. You could try that.

Did this ever get sorted out? I decided not to continue my subscription, but I may re-activate it if the compiling time is sorted out. Thanks.

Anyone know if this was resolved?

I will check it out when the 4.4 is released :slight_smile:

Has this been addressed with the release of 4.4?

Hmm, I cant see any big changes in the compiling time :slight_smile:

Anyone from Epic would like to chime in?

What processors do you use?
Mine is 3-core Phenom 2.4 GHz and I estimate it will take about 40-60 min for the shader compilation to complete (the Cave demo). I am using UE 4.5.
I suspect that newer Intel processors may have a small performance advantage here (though of course the frequency and number of cores is the primary factor).