(4.3) Launching to device launches older project and can't find mobileprovision

Branch: Binary

Build version: 4.3.0-2215663

System Specs:


Since upgrading a project from 4.2 to 4.3, launching to device launches the previous (4.2) version of the build instead of the current one. I can’t seem to get the updated build on a device or on testflight. Packing an ipa succeeds, but the ipa is missing its .mobileprovision, which is present in both directories mentioned here: Advanced iOS PC/Mac Workflow | Unreal Engine Documentation

Here’s the output log when I launch to device: https://s3.amazonaws.com/limbx/crashlog/ios.txt

I see a bunch of references to 4.2 in the output log, I assume that’s the culprit. I’ll dig in more in the morning myself but hopefully this is just something simple I’m doing wrong since upgrading.

Additionally, I packed and uploaded the ipa to testflight. I couldn’t use my repacking tool for getting a distribution profile into the ipa (ue4 seems to ignore the distribution profile no matter where I put it). After uploading, testflight announces that the build doesn’t have a mobileprovision and can’t be used. I’m not yet sure why this occurs, the mobile provision file is present in all the necessary locations and launching to device was working before 4.3.

Let me know if you would like me to include an archive of my project.

I was able to resolve this issue by deleting the associated [GameName].xcodeproj file in the project folder. Ideally this file would be removed and regenerated automatically during an update, or the engine would prompt the user to edit/remove this file after the process (this file is generated if absent).

I believe the references to the 4.2 Engine path in the xcodeproj plist file were the reason it was unable to use the right mobile provision and was resulting in an older build. I’m no scientist though. Well I guess I am a scientist but I still don’t know why this was happening.

Glad you figured it out. We’ll look in to making sure xcodeprojects are regenerated in future releases.