[4.3 Apex] Apb Assets imported from Apex Physics lab dont use debris time out that is set in editor


Import an apex asset from physx lab, without any time out or debris lifetime set

Play with the asset, destroy it, notice how ofc the debris does not time out since you did not set it

Go into editor and change asset in the editor, setting Debris Timeout, and setting a min and max for debris lifetime

Go in game and destroy asset

for me, this results in the debris not timing out still!

I have verified multiple times, that both Debris Timeout flag and the debris lifetime min and max are set properly!

This worked great in ue3!

I shall have to implement a timeout system myself in C++ till this is resolved.

Let me know when you fix this issue, or have any trouble reproing it!

#I can send you assets!

Spawning From Code

Please note I spawning the apex asset from code, you can do equivalent by spawning the destructible actor bp via level bp


Hi Rama,

This is already working in UE4 although it will require you to setup a few parameters in your Destruction Mesh.

You’ll need to change the Following:

Impact Damage: Set a value here that is not 0.

Default Impact Damage depth: any value not a Negative.

Special Hierarchy > Debris Depth: any value that is not a Negative.

Flags > Debris Timeout: Make sure this is checked

You can also set the bounds and separation in the same manner to make sure your debris doesn’t hang around forever.

Thank you!


Thank you for the response Tim! I will check this out as soon as I can and get back with any feedback

Have fun today!


I can verify that setting all the depths to something other than negative 1 did actually work!

Thanks Tim!