4.27 Switchboard won't launch


I have a large LED Volume set up on .26 with the nDisplay Launcher. But now in .27 I have run into quite a halting problem.
The Switchboard won’t launch for me at all. Clicking the button opens a empty CMD window for a frame and closes it, nothing happens after that.
In the output log is states that the Switchboard “Launched Succesfully”…

The Switchboard listener seems to work like intended.

I assumed it had something to do with the dependencies of Switchboard, but I reinstalled everything I could think off, and still it won’t launch.
Visual Studio 2017-2019
.NET framework
Unreal Engine itself
Python 2.7 and 3.7

I’m pretty stumped on this problem, and don’t know for sure if what I tried is even related to the problem at all.

I have the same problem

I am in the same boat also, I loaded up 4.27 for the first time. Just using the nDisplay template. The listener launched fine, then I started the switchboard, UE crashed as it was installing all the stuff that the documentation said it would do for the first time, Now I can’t get anything to go. I’m going to try a fresh install tomorrow. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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