4.27-Plus and Controller Speaker Not Playing sound


Setup the latest source and PS4 SDK 4.27-Plus and Sony SDK 9.5 and everything seems to be going really good except the sound on the PS4 controller speaker will not play.

I had made a game for the PS4 called NGSB and it used quite a few sounds in the PS4 controller, so I am familiar with the setup. Turning the light bar different colors works as does controlling the vibration via BluePrint. The physical controller is working and plays sounds from different games.

From what I can remember you create a sound class and set the output to controller and then add that to your wave file and then spawn the sound 2D.

Is there anything you can think of that I might be missing like something that has to be turned on in the project settings?

I have tried a bunch of different things, so I am going to move on to developing the game and will revisit this later. Hopefully someone has an answer or something I can try.