4-27 Packaged game crashes when using custom collision

I’m getting a Fatal Error whenever I collide with a custom collision I set up and it used to crash the editor when I clicked the collision but that went away on a re-import. Now I’m just struggling to make it not crash the packaged version of the game. I looked in the crash log for the packaged build and saw this-

  1. [2022.01.25-06.54.43:924][ 81]LogPhysicsCore: Error: PHYSX: (D:\Build++Fortnite\Sync\Engine\Source\ThirdParty\PhysX3\PhysX_3.4\Source\PhysX\src\NpShape.cpp 542) eINVALID_PARAMETER : PxShape::setFlag(s): triangle mesh, heightfield and plane shapes can only be simulation shapes if part of a PxRigidStatic!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!