[4.27] No 32bit Windows Package Option

I currently can only package my project for Windows 64bit. I don’t have the option for 32bit after looking around on the UE forums people say to set the build configuration to Shipping but that does not give me the option either.

There is no mention of its removal in the release notes, neither an option in the install settings.

Platforms > Windows > “Target 32 Bit” checkbox does not exist.

Are there any other things I can try to enable packaging for 32bit as I don’t want to stop 32bit users from playing my game.

Chances are there number of potential players running 32-bit Windows is next to 0, and if there is someone running 32-Bit Windows then they probably don’t have the hardware capable of running your game otherwise.

It has been removed after version 4.26

Win32 Support

We are officially deprecating our Win32 support. It will be included in Unreal Engine 4.25 and Unreal Engine 4.26, but support for 32-bit Windows operating systems will be removed in a future release.