(4.27) New .uasset for nDisplay, how to use with nDisplayLauncer ? + VRPN mixed up axis

Hey everyone !

I’m trying to make nDisplay work in 4.27, but because the method to configure it changed (and for the best), I’m not sure how to set up the nDisplayLauncher, because you need a .cfg, but now 4.27 generates a .uasset ! How can I launch my nDisplay setup ?

Also, how can I fix my Vive Tracker axis ? Before, you’d do it in the .cfg file, telling VRPN how to orient the tracker, but now how can I do it inside Unreal ?

Thank you !

EDIT: just realised we now have to use Switchboard, but it crashes when lauching a nDisplay device :confused:

EDIT2: orientation is fixed ! You can set the axis inside Unreal in the LiveLink window :smiley:

Silly me ! I just forgot to put my local IP address in the Node component.
Everything works like a charm !

want to know ue team add Swtichboard 4.7.0 doc , after install swtichboard but cant find any setting for swtichboard(eg: add config)

i success install python3.7.7 and set env path. Need UE Team help us,thanks

can you add details for me ,thanks