4.27 nDisplay Single PC Multi-Monitor

Okay… This is going sound extremely ignorant, and I’m sure the answer is going to have me smacking my forehead, but…

In the new 4.27 nDisplay config plugin, how do you configure which display to use? We are using a really simple single PC, single plane LED wall setup, (one workstation monitor, and the LED wall is the second monitor for a total of 2 monitors) and after spending a few days experimenting with settings and scouring UE4.27 documentation, I can’t seem to make sense of the methodology for controlling which monitor nDisplay utilizes. No matter what I have tried, nDisplay always only shows up on whichever display is set as my “primary display” in Windows 10. Ideally, my primary display would NOT be set to the LED wall.

At a certain point, one has to just ask for help, so, here I am. If anyone has any insight, or can point me to the appropriate documentation, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Same problem here. Basically same satup as mentioned by the Author. If anyone have answer - please share it. Best regards.

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Same here.

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Same problem :frowning:

Hey, you should be able to assign size and offset to your viewports. Set the X on your wall to the width of your primary monitor.


This took forever!!

We’ve been trying to get this to work too and tried a variation of Recursoft’s approach before and could not for the life of us figure it out (we have two additional displays instead of one). But laying out the two monitors like Recursoft did in Unreal and next to each other in the display settings worked. Make the Host the width of both rosolutions and move the Node_0 over the amount of the resolution of primary monitor and turn off fullscreen. We had to change the size of the node or else it blacked out our primary monitor. Hopefully this helps someone else too!


Ah, this seems promising. It certainly helped me think about the problem differently, as it didn’t occur to me to add a node reference to the monitor, but that makes sense that nDisplay needs parameters for EACH display before you can tell it what NOT to display on. I’ll give it a try…

Turning off Fullscreen in the viewports for secondary monitors worked for me.

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