[4-27] Movie Render Queue - animations sped up

I’m trying to render a very simple shot with Movie Render Queue and Level Sequence.

I’ve animated a slow camera to sweep over a scene with several npcs doing animations.

In the exported video, all the animations are going in rapid fast-forward.

I can’t find anything in the UE4 guide or on this forum. Does anybody know what’s up?

The sequence is set for 60fps, and the scene is capped at 60fps. The problem happens at all resolutions, and if exporting as video or image sequence.

Do you have the animation assigned in sequencer for all the characters?

Thanks for your question.

Problem solved. For anybody else facing this, the likely problem is that your rendering is happening so slowly that your FPS is getting messed up.

In my case, I was rendering a high-resolution image sequence. Switching to a video produced animations at the right speed. Reducing the resolution on the images also produced the right speed.

Anybody switching from Unity might expect that all animations in the camera view will slow down to wait for the renderer to draw the whole frame before progressing animations. UE does not do this.

I also tried adding each character to the timeline as an item in the sequence. This allowed me to do a bunch of neat stuff like decide exactly which animation frames would show when. But it didn’t solve this problem.

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Sorry. what can we do to solve this problem ? Reducing the resolution on the images ?

Is your Anti Aliasing Sampling on Temporal instead of Spatial? Spatial does not have this problem of speeding up game logic

Thank you thank you for this comment! Saved me going from headache to migrane :pray: