[4-27] How to connect each camera to a separate monitor, without FPS drawdowns? 4.27

Hello everyone, the question is, how can I connect three different cameras to three different monitors without using Ndisplay?
Display creates strong drawdowns when connecting 4 monitors to 4 different cameras, even if you create an empty scene.
I didn’t find much lessons and documentation on how to solve this problem easily and simply, or I’m just not attentive.

I suppose that you always have drawdowns if you render a game 4 times because of the high resolution etc. Perhaps you could reduce tge resolution of every camera, to free up some performance.

Drawdowns are strong even in an empty scene, a friend on unity, a scene with a cube renders consistently 60 fps on 2 screens, a similar scene on unreal, renders at 20 fps, if you bring the camera to the viewports, then the fps is normal, it remains to understand how to bring the render from the viewports to the monitors, as an option to write your own tool.

UE4 and Unity are not directly comparable. It could ve some setting in UE4 which isn’t used or active in Unity. You should gi through all scalability settings and try around.

Things like ambient occlusion, lightmass, and and and… have huge impact on performance.

Of course, I will try to twist the parameters, but I think NDisplay is not debugged enough, and there is not much information anywhere on how to connect cameras directly from the engine to monitors.