4.27 can't get Launch button for browser/html5 to show up

According to the release notes for 4.27, I understand that it is now possible to make html5 projects again; https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/unreal-engine-47-released

You can now package and run your game in a Web browser through the binary tools you get through the Launcher.

Simply install the Emscripten SDK, restart the editor and launcher, then use the Launch drop down to select a web browser!

I have spent the entire day trying to get html5 to work. First through the old github, before I realized that 4.27 has it all set up (according to the release note). I installed emscript through git following the instructions on the link proved above. Is there anything more to it that isn’t noted?

Hey there @chromaloma ,

Epic has deprecated HTML5 exporting from the editor since 4.23 and left it to the community to fend for themselves, but our team at Wonder Interactive is continuing the work they started by building out a SDK/suite of tools and hosting platform to allow Unreal developers to deploy their games and real-time 3D apps to the browser with the smallest file sizes possible, enabling fast load times. We offer compression, an asset fetching system, and networking libraries along with a developer dashboard for analytics to assist in monetization in the browser.

If you’re interested in trying it out, you can join our Discord here and we can chat further about bringing your project to the web:

Thanks, I might check that out. However, is the Unreal documentation for 4.27 wrong then when it says you can package and run your game in a web browser through the tools provided through the launcher?

The documentation you are reading is for 4.7, a very old version.


Oh. You’re absolutely right. I was certain it was 4.27. Totally my bad. Case closed then!