[4.27] Buoyancy with high mass floating objects

I watched a few tutorials and they all just set the mass of their floating objects to relatively low values to make their objects float.

But for a whole ship, a mass value of 100kg is way too low. This becomes very noticeable when a player jumps on the ship that has the same mass and the player sinks or flips the ship by simply standing on it.

I tried playing around with the Buoyancy Coefficient, but it doesn’t seem to really affect the behavior for an object with 7000+ kg, the value automatically calculated by the engine for my mesh.

Any advice?

Thanks and cheers!

PS: Sorry for reposting this, but my question in the Answerhub didn’t get a lot of attention:
[4.27] Buoyancy with high mass floating objects - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Bumping this question- I have the same issue!