[4.27.2] [VS2019] [VS2022] No debugging symbols for packaged configuration?

I’m trying to debug a packaged 4.27.2 game with both Development and DebugGame configurations. Breakpoints on engine modules don’t work and the callstack on the crash I’m trying to debug indicates engine code, but the latest call available can only take me as far as my game module. I enabled the “include debug files” option in the packaging settings and I’ve been able to debug packaged engine code before. I was using VS2022 since I decided to try it on my recently built computer and I thought it was related, so I switched to VS2019, but the problem persists.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The only thing that comes to mind would be that you didn’t include the “Editor symbols for debugging” when getting a new engine version.

Yeah did that, unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem. I’m starting to think the only solution is to build the engine from source. I’ve read that solution today on the internet and now I’m pretty sure that when I was able to debug packaged editor code, it was on custom engine builds. Such a disappointment.

I’ll come back if I happen to find a solution but it’d be nice if an Unreal guru would confirm whether it’s possible.

Considering the avaliable version of .27 has not worked once since release - and I have tested it on 4 different computers with wildly different builds - I wonder why you haven’t already.

It is, it may just be locked out of the build they released or something.
Normally if you install the symbols along with the engine, then the crash reporter will spit out stuff that makes sense.

When building from source you have to take care to build the correct editor version in order to have debug access. Otherwise it just closes out with a “it crashed, ok” dialog.
(And VS debug will stop running right after you open a project).

I still suggest you build from source and mess with that - it’s better in the long run.

Ps: the .27 chaos build failed to build 2 days straight due to corrupt files from GitHub desktop.
Consider that when downloading :wink: