4.27.1 hangs on importing C4D R21 files

Cannot currently get C4D r21 files (saved for melange / Cineware) to import via Dataprep.

Causes UE4 to hang completey (not responding in Task Manager)

Test files are small.

Same files import AOK into 4.26.2

Are there currently known issues with Dsmith / DPrep and C4D?

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Hi Funkdigit , I had the exact same problem importing C4D data with DataPrep in 4.27.

I had C4DR24 and C4DR25 installed on the same PC as UE, but after uninstalling C4DR24, Dataprep imported successfully, so it could be a problem with C4D itself, if that helps.


Hi Moz543

Cheers for that - I guess it’s time to pay the Piper and upgrade my C4D…!

Will post back if C45R25 works for me.

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Hold on! - Moz543 - I just re-read your reply - and bingo - I found I had an earlier install of C4D r24, and removing that has proven to be the answer.

I can even get .C4D files from my ageing r21 to import now to UE4 4.27.1

Cheers all - hopefully this little post might also help someone else in the future…


Thanks for the save with this one moz543. This is happened to me today with 4.27.2

In case anyone else runs into this - I had 4 other installs of C4D that hadn’t caused any problems. Right after I installed R25 is when my Dataprep objects began to freeze the Editor, after they had been working.

So after uninstalling all previous versions of C4D the Dataprep objects again work.

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Thank you very much for all the above platform friends. The problem has been solved

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