4.26 Issues with the new Water-System

Hello There,

i found some issues with the new Water-System in 4.26:

  • There is no way to connect a Phsyics-Volume to let Characters swimm in the Water body, activating the Movement-Mode ‘Swimming’ on the overlap-event are resulting in an uncontrollable character.

    The Water-Option of the the Physics-Volume works perfectly, the Movement-Mode is also switched to ‘Swimming’ but there seams to be more in the background.

    What is the intended way to have a swimming character in the new water-system?

  • The new Water-System seams to have an issue with the Volumetirc Clouds, which came also with 4.26, the clouds are rendered in the foreground, not behind the waves.

  • How to Use the Water-System on Terrains which are allready made? Do we have to recrate the costline with splines or is there a way to make an ocean without the splines? I need the have an Ocean with variable water height to mimic tides.

  • For Multiplayer: Are the Waves syncronized over the network, or is there a way to archive this?

Overall the water-system looks just Amazing :slight_smile:

I came to this problem too, how we can make the character swim in the new water system?

Without it it seems pointless!

I too have the same issue. Using a physics volume works but it does not follow the wave patterns so the character will be floating above the waves as they sink or stuck under them as they rise. Another problem is lack of support for large worlds that use world composition. My world is something like classic final fantasy with multiple large island in an ocean. The size goes beyond the limit of the current ocean.

This is way too buggy, even for a experimental feature.

I am also wondering…
“What is the intended way to have a swimming character in the new water-system?”

I have come across a few ways of doing it but all seem to have limitations and seem like “workarounds”.