(4-26) Groom Binding Asset Bug

Hi, everyone. I’m having an issue with keeping binding assets attached for grooms. Every time I reopen my file the grooms are detached.

Usually I would just reassign the binding assets, render and call it a day. Unfortunately even if I re attach the binding assets, it still appears broken in my render. Some will be attached and some won’t.


In the movie queue render you can see that the eyelashes are floating. Am I missing something here? I’ve googled and scoured this forum for days but I haven’t seen this question answered. Thought it might be the way that I imported my grooms so I stepped back and went over the that again while following the documentation as closely as possible. I would really appreciate some guidance on this. I’m absolutely stumped. Tested this in both 4.26 and 5 early release, but the issue persists. This is in the MHC lighting preset project if that makes any difference.

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And seems I found a root of this problem.
If you are using MHC lighting preset, just delete these line from DefaultEngine.ini:


Can confirm this bug. Same here with UE5.02 and Metahumans. Also MHC lighting preset was used.