4.26 Groom Air Velocity (wind)

Anyone have tips on dynamically controlling air velocity on a Groom asset? I can set absolute air velocity inside of the Groom asset, but there appears no native way to create wind ‘gusts’. I was thinking to access the Air velocity via BP and fake gusts that way, but I can’t figure out how to access the Air Velocity parameters (or if I even can?)

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you can use a custom solver and inside this niagara system you can create a curve that alters wind velocity and/or gravity

how to do that in niagara system? I have tried, but I don’t know how exactly to do that, please help!!!

First I create a new niagara system with the groomSpringEmitter template, and then I add the wind force in the Particle Update, complie it, and run in the game view, but nothing happened, what did I do wrong??? Any Ideas?

I am preparing a tutorial about this…in the groom physics script you can replace the wind velocity with your own values…which can be a vector curve

Amazing, thank you! If you want to put the link to your tut as an answer I will set it as the answer.

Here is the tutorial

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thank you so much to give a really nice tutorial!

I would like to know how to fix the wind direction to the head. I want the wind direction to change according to the rotation of the head.

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