4.26 Does it matter what resolution i use to make my interface / menu graphics

I’ve been using 1080p monitor to make a game with a friend, i’ve started work on the in game action bar for an RPG.
So of course i’m drawing everything to scale at a resolution of 1080p. So my question is would that affect the interface and the rest of the menus when the player changes the game resolution?

We are using unreal version 4.26


I was confused about this for a while too, but it should work fine.

The UI has a DPI scaling system going on. There’s some option to tweak it in project settings but the default setting is probably fine.

If you try scaling your UI in the UMG editor (if it’s not custom size) you’ll see it starts telling you different DPI’s in the lower left corner. The UI should pretty much display correctly on different resolutions. The only thing to worry about is different aspect ratios, but I basically make sure I handle that with good canvas anchors, or scale boxes.

Use the right container if you want them to be of a fixed size relative to the monitor size, use the anchors to determine their relative position to the edges of the screen.

With some assets like images you may run into scaling issues so you may either want to create multiple differently sized images for the UI elements or use vectors images.