4.26 Control Rig Sequences - Dynamic constraints for controls?

For anyone who’s attempted to animate a skeletal mesh using a level sequence + control rig in 4.26, is it possible to constrain a control to something in the scene, or anything at all?

The controls aren’t Actors, and it seems like the only thing that can be done in Sequencer is to key their values.

I am thinking for things like:

  • Attaching a hand IK control to a doorknob as the door opens
  • Aiming a character’s head/weapon at some arbitrary object in the scene, like another character’s head
  • Making a character’s hand IK controls follow specific bones in another character, e.g. grappling or holding hands

…or any of the 1000 other things you use dynamic parenting for in e.g. Maya.

I have done some of these before by passing data to a Character BP, which passes it to the mesh’s Anim BP, which then handles all the aiming/IK etc., but this seems redundant with the Control Rig functionality…

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