4.26 Control Rig Input Parameters Missing?

When 4.25, I can create input parameters by right clicked at control rig editor, as follow:

But at 4.26, there’s no this category at all.
It has been removed permanently? Is anyother method instead to create input parameters?
Is anyone know that? Thanks:).

I have the same question
Why is no one responding ?

It’s kind of amazing that 4.26 has been released as a preview at the end of September, and the documentation for the Control Rig is still very outdated…anyway:

So first inside the Control Rig, after you used a lot of Get Control Transform nodes in order to drive the various IK handles, you need to use a Set Transform - Control node, promote the translation and rotation ( I did only translation just to test ) to a variable.

Then inside the AnimBP, right click > Control Rig, and you’ll notice that in the details panel you have a pin that you can check, which in my case is the Head Loc.

Then create a BP, add a Skeletal Mesh ( Mannequin ) and use the AnimBP mentioned above.
Here on Tick, cast to that AnimBP, then set the Head Loc, and use a variable ( or whatever you need ) and expose it.

Drag the BP inside your level, hit play, and select the BP, in the details panel you’ll see that you can control the exposed variable, and if you play with the values, you’ll see the head moving/rotating in realtime

Edit: I made a small video about it

thank you
you are my hero

Thanks for quick reply, it really does work, thank you! :smiley:;base64

Hi, probably a dumb question but I can’t find how to do this. Nothing in the details panel or right-clicking any of the node inputs seems to do anything. I’m on 4.26.

EDIT: So in case anyone else is stuck on the same issue, it turns out you have to open a window that’s hidden by default: My Blueprint (In the Control Rig editor: Window>My Blueprint) . After that it was easy, just adding a variable with the plus button in said window, and then clicking the eye to make it instance editable.

The actual answer to this question is: The variable in Control has been aligned with Blueprints. In the Control Rig select : Window ->My Blueprint and there you have it! Blueprint variables with the public option to select.