4.26 Control rig FBIK

Does anyone know how to use the new FBIK and control rig to do foot placement IK?

Why would you?
Use the old system which is tried and true.

  1. move the IK bone where it needs to be
  2. add the foot ik node.

The solvers all do the same exact thing. Solve the movement of the bone chain.
While, yes, this can be done differently, the impact on performance between one node and another is non-existent.

The real math is done by you via code to move the IK bone in the correct position. And it’s very basic math at that too since its basically 1 linentrace and 2 or 3 operations.

As general tips.
use box trace so the foot doesn’t sink into steps.

The hip needs to come down the same amount as the lowest world z of the foot.

Prototype in .25 because .26 is still in preview and the end result may not work with the final release. While eventually you will be able to move from .25 to .26 without major issues.

Thanks the reply and for the tips. I testing .26 mainly for the Water and volumetric clouds but I just wanted to see how the new control rig features worked.

As of my latest test, ragdolls and the old setup for a control rig adjusted dangling skirt was working again.

The only things affected are those working off the physical animation or any other similar components that rely on physics.

Currently it doesn’t offer parity with PhysX but its getting there.
Cloth is still an unknown (I think its using the old solver still).