4.26.2 movable spotlight shadow not working on mobile preview

Hello community

I was trying to test new mobile movable spotlight/pointlight availability on mobile and i couldn’t make it work on mobile preview and it’s working fine on shader model 5 preview. so i tried to look into it in the engine’s source code to see why is that.
btw i did set all these configs setups so it should be fine:

after digging a lot into the rendering process and debugging i saw a line of code that looks like epic has disabled mobile movable shadows but it has been announced that it supposed to be available in this engine’s version.
here’s the code’s address which decides whether it should be rendering movable shadows or not:

class ShadowSetup.cpp line 4847
const bool bProjectEnablePointLightShadows = Scene->ReadOnlyCVARCache.bEnablePointLightShadows && !bMobile; // Point light shadow is unsupported on mobile for now.

so is this how it supposed to be or i’m doing something wrong here?

doesn’t anybody know about this issue?

i don’t know. but i found that on 5.2 and opengl on android. my project doesn’t work when this setting is enabled.
i’d like to find more info about it.
ue 5.2 still has point shadows on mobile disabled via the same code.