(4.26.1) Visual Studio out of disk space while compiling


I get “fatal error c1060, the compiler is out of heap space” after a few modules because my ssd C drive drops from 20gigs to empty in about 2 minutes after starting to compile.

I have 2tb free space on my E: drive and both the UE source files and the VS installation is on my E drive yet it still accumulates built files from the compiler on my C drive during a compilation.

Can anyone offer me any advice? Thanks in advance!
Regards, Peter.

Probably your windows swap file space increasing.

I have 48GB RAM and set a 24GB swap file size on both of my SSDs. I occasionally blow that during full game builds, though. If you set a specific size, instead of the default auto-adjusting size, you’ll have a better time with heavy workloads, and your available drive space won’t fluctuate as much.

Hey, sorry for the late reply.
After setting the page file to use max 10gb, I now get an error regarding a too small page file size:

1>c1xx : error C3859: Failed to create virtual memory for PCH
1>  c1xx: note: the system returned code 1455: The paging file is too small for this operation to complete.

My poor 256gb ssd which only has 25gb free space left cant handle this. I would have no problem buying a new SSD to use (since I clearly need one anyways), but I am scared that it won’t matter because the build will keep draining my C drive. Couldn’t I somehow make it drain my HDD instead? It has over 2tb free space… can’t i put the page file there?

EDIT: I spoke too soon, I figured out how to put my page file on a different drive and now it’s compiling smoothly (so far). Thanks for your help @eblade

Thanks again,

yep, you need more page file size not less :slight_smile:

when you don’t set a minimum and maximum size, then it grows and shrinks the pagefile as it needs it, which is resource intensive, so my usual recommendation is to make it at least 2x your available ram (more if you only have like 16gb) … you can turn it off for SSDs, though it might be worth setting a small-ish fixed size one on your SSD as Windows will make use of it even if you’re not thrashing your memory, so if you only enable it on hdd, although you’ll get space back on your ssd, you might lose some performance you were used to.