4.26.1 Hotfix released

The 4.26.1 Hotfix is now live!

Feel free to discuss this release on the 4.26 forum thread.

If you experience a bug with the 4.26.1 Hotfix, please follow the How To Report a Bug Guide to report it on the UE4 Answerhub.

Fixed in 4.26.1

Fixed! UE-105241 Control Rig Asset: 4.26. Mannequin_ControlRig is pointing at an non-existing Preview SkeletalMesh
Fixed! UE-105020 Changing Variable name does not allow Default Value change
Fixed! UE-104939 Setup mode no longer works
Fixed! UE-104600 Mirroring does not work with Limits on
Fixed! UE-104599 Mirroring does not work on non-Transform controls
Fixed! UE-104388 Opening Level Sequences that have keys on no longer existing controls in Control Rig Crash
Fixed! UE-104348 Crash when Diff Selected on 2 Control Rigs
Fixed! UE-104047 Fixed name passed to NewObject in ControlRigComponent
Fixed! UE-103751 Crash in Control Rig Component when deleting SkeletalMeshComponent
Fixed! UE-103646 Creating Control Rig with a SkelMesh that has a shared Skeleton has incorrect initial transforms
Fixed! UE-103645 Refreshing Mesh while in Setup Mode causes Editor freeze with memory increasing
Fixed! UE-103397 If the ControlRig Class property is set only on the Instance of the scene, the mapping is not generated with “Add Mapped SkeletalMesh”
Fixed! UE-103396 The Default ControlRig Class property on ControlRigComponent is reset at editor restart.
Fixed! UE-103395 The Component Name that is set by “Add Mapped SkeletalMesh” is the Component Name (“SkeletalMeshComponent0”) but it should by the Field Name of that Component (“SkeletalMeshComponent”)
Fixed! UE-103394 The target SkelMesh Component cannot be found if it is not in the same Owner Actor than the ControlRig Component
Fixed! UE-103020 Control Rig Sphere Trace : Channel can be set, but is hardcoded to Visibility
Fixed! UE-102893 Moving Spaces in Setup Mode and then Resetting causes hard crash
Fixed! UE-99547 Sequencer: Control Rig: Order Of Controls Different Between Details And Sequencer
Fixed! UE-106872 MoviePipeline: ObjectId pass is very slow
Fixed! UE-106780 Control Rig: Sequencer: Editing Anim Sequence May create two rigs if Default Animating Rig is set
Fixed! UE-106278 Bake to Control Rig - Baked keys always start at frame 0, even if there is a custom start time
Fixed! UE-106266 MoviePipeline: High resolution feature produces corrupted images
Fixed! UE-106242 LOC-4.26 Editor String “Match Include Z Height” - Typo
Fixed! UE-106224 Crash when Sequencer spawn a Blueprint with ActorSequence
Fixed! UE-106189 Sequencer: Control Rig: Can’t select Control Rig Channels in Curve Editor
Fixed! UE-106183 MoviePipeline: PostProcessing doesn’t support 32-bit Output
Fixed! UE-106175 Anim Notifies and Curves are removed when saving Linked Animation Sequences through Sequencer
Fixed! UE-106125 Ensure playing a sequence that has an event trigger that calls SetPlaybackPosition
Fixed! UE-106115 Spawnable doesn’t get removed when the sequence editor is closed
Fixed! UE-106108 Control Rig Components animated in sequence not animating in PIE
Fixed! UE-106062 [CrashReport] FMovieSceneRootEvaluationTemplateInstance::FindInstance
Fixed! UE-106034 Parameters in Sequencer tracks are not in order and can’t be re-ordered
Fixed! UE-105472 Frame 0 start if closing sequencer window before take recorder starts
Fixed! UE-105447 Viewport Piloting with Sequencer and Control Rig keys
Fixed! UE-105428 Sequencer instances may become invalid during PostEvaluation phase resulting in a crash
Fixed! UE-105421 GitHub 7660 : fix the reduced key issue on curve animations
Fixed! UE-105265 Copy paste improvements for vectors/control rig
Fixed! UE-105019 GetBoundObjects is not returning spawned objects when the playback start is nonzero
Fixed! UE-104998 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-LevelSequenceEditor!FCinematicViewportLayoutEntity::FCinematicViewportLayoutEntity(FViewportConstructionArgs const &) [CinematicViewportLayoutEntity.h:19]
Fixed! UE-104737 MoviePipeline: High resolution feature crashes
Fixed! UE-104680 Camera viewport hotkeys shouldn’t affect Sequencer timeline when the viewport is focused
Fixed! UE-104679 Setting the camera cut track to Keep State doesn’t keep the camera after the Sequence ends
Fixed! UE-104610 Compiling Control Rig while having controls selected in sequencer breaks the controls
Fixed! UE-104608 Sequencer: Control Rig: Skel mesh actor snaps back on mouse release if key exists
Fixed! UE-104517 [CrashReport] FCurveEditorTreeItem::GetOrCreateCurves(FCurveEditor *) [CurveEditorTree.cpp:24]
Fixed! UE-104483 Actor Sequences don’t play on spawned actors in cooked games
Fixed! UE-104190 Sequencer lag with subscenes and shot tracks?
Fixed! UE-104137 Warning message is incorrect when rendering movie with alpha while alpha is disabled
Fixed! UE-104109 Additive control curves not evaluating correctly in Sequencer
Fixed! UE-104098 In certain circumstances a sequence could only play once and never again
Fixed! UE-104091 Attach tracks in a Master sequence bound to objects in a sub sequence do not work
Fixed! UE-103992 Crash trying to cast to a Take Preset
Fixed! UE-103827 Crash in UE::MovieScene::SetComponentTransformAndVelocity due to null SceneComponent
Fixed! UE-103750 Regression: External owned Spawnable object disappears when the sequencer movie is finished.
Fixed! UE-103741 Animation Mode Channels transform sliders not updating correctly
Fixed! UE-103579 It is possible for entities to be re-imported more than necessary
Fixed! UE-103567 Adding a track for a string property through sequence scripting causes the property track to be named “Strings”
Fixed! UE-103565 Presets aren’t working on FBX Import to Control Rig
Fixed! UE-103461 Crash in compiled data manager when an entry for a sequence doesn’t exist
Fixed! UE-103187 Ensure when closing PIE during Level Sequence playback with spawnables in a streamed level
Fixed! UE-103172 Selection not synced when filter is set to “Selected Control Rig Controls”
Fixed! UE-101161 Deleting Control Rig Track in Sequencer keeps Animation Mode window with Controls
Fixed! UE-96984 Undoing bake to control rig leave unselectable control rig in viewport
Fixed! UE-92917 Setting controlled shake section duration to 0 or less should show a warning
Fixed! UE-104583 Widgets with Delay nodes do not execute correctly when the game is paused if there are no animations playing
Fixed! UE-104978 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!TArray<TDelegateBase<FDefaultDelegateUserPolicy>,TSizedHeapAllocator<32> >::RemoveAtSwapImpl(int,int,bool) [Array.h:1644]
Fixed! UE-104834 Audio: Concurrency: Pink Noise is heard after higher pitched tone begins to play
Fixed! UE-104738 Quartz crash when a new clock is created in a Quartz BP delegate
Fixed! UE-104251 Adding a multiband compressor effect with the default settings to a submix crashes the editor
Fixed! UE-104240 Send to Master Reverb Submix toggle on Sound Classes doesn’t function correctly
Fixed! UE-103770 When Oculus Audio set as Spatial Audio Plugin, Editor Crashes When Playing Binaural AmbientSound in Viewport
Fixed! UE-103195 CLONE - [Audio] Activating Reverb in Blueprints Doesn’t Work
Fixed! UE-102139 AudioQA StopFarthestThenOldest Rule Saw Tone doesn’t cease playing
Fixed! UE-106425 Use of Gauntlet for running editor automation tests lacks a simple example for developers and licensees
Fixed! UE-106387 Automation reports do not update and are deleted on a second run
Fixed! UE-106386 Automation tests that encounter new screenshots generate errors and an invalid report
Fixed! UE-106383 If multiple maps are specified for PIE in AutomationTestSettings only the first map is tested
Fixed! UE-106381 Devices provided to Gauntlet from the device service may be in use
Fixed! UE-103931 Setting bTreatLogErrorsAsTestErrors to False prevents FunctionalTests from failing
Fixed! UE-106430 Array properties marked as ‘Instanced’ are not updated correctly in blueprint instances
Fixed! UE-104083 Cooking -nevercookdir and nevercookdirectories ignored, directories still cooked
Fixed! UE-104009 Crash when launch Standalone game with -trace=object
Fixed! UE-103938 Apply BD2 non EDL fix to 4.26.1 when it is opened
Fixed! UE-103730 RelativeToGameDir metadata on FFilePath only works for files under content
Fixed! UE-105077 DirectoriesToAlwaysCook/DirectoriesToNeverCook not working for plugin content roots missing a terminating /
Fixed! UE-104195 CLONE(4.26.1) - Cooking -nevercookdir and nevercookdirectories ignored, directories still cooked
Fixed! UE-100265 Lumin fails to package QAGameClient on Cook stage due to fatal error (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) in GetTextureBuildSettings
Fixed! UE-105387 Extra quote are added to the CRC Analytic AppID in installed build
Fixed! UE-102630 macOS Big Sur - CrashReporter window sometimes does not launch on consecutive crashes
Fixed! UE-104270 Unreal Insights crashes when encountering a GPU event that does not have an event spec
Fixed! UE-106480 Possible crash in TickDestroyGameThreadObjects with gc.MultithreadedDestructionEnabled=True on Android
Fixed! UE-96954 Newly added C++ classes are not available after a hot-reload
Fixed! UE-104995 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-DerivedDataCache!BuildPathForCacheKey(wchar_t const *) [FileSystemDerivedDataBackend.cpp:38]
Fixed! UE-104859 GitHub 7633 : pop back to the original directory after pushing.
Fixed! UE-103879 Missing FBX files from binary(Launcher) distribution in Engine/Content/FbxEditorAutomation
Fixed! UE-103263 RunUAT OpenEditor command doesn’t work as intended on Windows
Fixed! UE-103103 GitHub 7521 : Fix lookup for uproject model support in Rider
Fixed! UE-102955 Launching Win32 project results in UE Prerequisites installation endless loop
Fixed! UE-101937 GitHub 7449 : Add support for MacOS and Uproject based project model
Fixed! UE-94407 GitHub 7065 : Fixed a problem with multi-byte string conversion failure in Visual Studio 2019 in Japanese environment.
Fixed! UE-105081 Crash occurs when compiling in Editor after editing a C++ file
Fixed! UE-102707 Crash after creating a suboject for RootComponent if the actor is placed on the level
Fixed! UE-103854 Live++ integration - 4.25.4 Compilation Issue
Fixed! UE-103451 CLONE 4.26.1 - Live Coding Compile doesn’t apply changes when Launching On Device / Blueprint Project
Fixed! UE-90773 Live Coding Fails to Compile Launch on Game In a Certain State
Fixed! UE-77431 File > Recent Projects > Project from a Live Coding Quick Restarted Editor kills the opening project before it loads or orphans the Live Coding Console
Fixed! UE-105027 WaitMutex behaves poorly when there are casing differences in the same path
Fixed! UE-104673 UnrealBuildTool does not include the version of toolchain items as a dependency
Fixed! UE-102825 Compiling with VS2019 16.6 later causes garbled characters in output window
Fixed! UE-104439 Collaborative Viewer - Reset transform malfunction
Fixed! UE-102746 Packaging blank blueprint project results in black screen on target platform
Fixed! UE-104618 FSeamlessTravelHandler::Tick can crash under unusual circumstances
Fixed! UE-104587 Can not find abstract class in actor class dropdown list in GetAllActorsOfClass node
Fixed! UE-104507 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Kismet!SSCS_RowWidget::GetNativeComponentNameToolTipText() [SSCSEditor.cpp:2120]
Fixed! UE-104327 Converting a function with local variables to an event crashes editor
Fixed! UE-103658 BP compiler crash
Fixed! UE-103656 GitHub 7545 : Fix for build process crash during placeholders iteration
Fixed! UE-104396 Soft Object Reference Pins can’t be reset to None
Fixed! UE-104126 Crashed when selecting a class for a property in BP
Fixed! UE-105000 Selecting multiple actors with differing DataTableHandles causes data loss
Fixed! UE-101185 Media Player fails to validate media source when launching QAGame TM-ShaderModels level on Win64
Fixed! UE-105059 Duplicate level collections not being respected by UGameEngine::NetworkRemapPath
Fixed! UE-104833 GitHub 7625 : FUpdateLevelVisibilityLevelInfo NetSerialize may be mismatch
Fixed! UE-102758 Child Actor component doesn’t properly destroyed on clients.
Fixed! UE-102984 QA-MultipleMaterialLayer: Examples Are Blurry From Afar But Become Clear When Up Close

**Fixed!** UE-102882 Crash when hosting a ShooterGame Quick Match - Assertion failed: QueueType == ED3D12CommandQueueType::Default && !GetShouldTrackCmdListTime()

Fixed! UE-89452 Crash on launching when installed AOC package created via chunk
Fixed! UE-97321 Inconsistencies in rendering between eyes and graphical corruption on PSVR
Fixed! UE-105058 Resizing UE4Editor causes VK ERROR DEVICE LOST
Fixed! UE-104591 GitHub 7608 : incorrectly tries to use Mac Env
Fixed! UE-103463 Android fails to get EXTERNAL_STORAGE from generated bat scripts on Linux
Fixed! UE-104910 GitHub 7641 : Fix issue of CreateProcess on Mac
Fixed! UE-103126 Mac deployment for iOS project causes Crash [FMacPlatformProcess::CreateProc: posix_spawn() failed]
Fixed! UE-102221 Assets in Source Control cannot run Diff against Depot with p4merge diff tool
Fixed! UE-100517 Mac - Xcode fails to build C++ project with a Shell Script Invocation Error
Fixed! UE-99914 UE4 Detecting Wrong Gamepad Key Inputs
Fixed! UE-95582 AppleSilicon: Ability to build for different architectures via UBT / Xcode is not supported
Fixed! UE-106281 Android Visual Studio extension (AGDE) missing required project file support
Fixed! UE-105474 Crash after using mobile custom depth
Fixed! UE-105214 Crashed on IOS/Mac device if enable GTAO
Fixed! UE-105140 .so libraries are no longer packed inside apk
Fixed! UE-104402 Crash when launching QA-Promotion on Android from the editor
Fixed! UE-103873 Vulkan Mobile SM5 not building without Vulkan Mobile Renderer enabled
Fixed! UE-103752 Runtime Virtual Texture etc2 compression for normals
Fixed! UE-103596 Mobile shadows disappear for stationary lights with Inset Shadows = true and Modulated Shadows = false
Fixed! UE-103279 Windows iTunes 12.6.X standalone installer incompatibility
Fixed! UE-103181 Mac Binary C++ project files cannot be cleaned
Fixed! UE-106353 GitHub 7671 : D3D11 index buffer debug name
Fixed! UE-106101 Paper sprite and Mesh Lod Coloration results in engine crash
Fixed! UE-105075 Possible crash in UTexture::UpdateResource()
Fixed! UE-104627 Crash when enabling HZB occlusion culling
Fixed! UE-104509 [CrashReport] FRuntimeVirtualTextureComponentDetailsCustomization::BuildStreamedMips
Fixed! UE-104496 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-SceneOutliner!SceneOutliner::SSceneOutliner::OnKeyDown(FGeometry const &,FKeyEvent const &) [SSceneOutliner.cpp:3977]
Fixed! UE-104075 Groom binding create incorrect binding data
Fixed! UE-104074 Hair emissive rendering does not work when several groom are on screen
Fixed! UE-104046 Editor crash after re-importing already imported groom asset
Fixed! UE-103906 Crash when plugging Depth Fade to Base Color and using Required Texture Resolution mode
Fixed! UE-103890 Attempting to sync to a Changelist for FortGPUTestbed in UGS fails and creates an error using FortGPUTestbedGameMode.cpp
Fixed! UE-103509 Crash when clicking on Create Follicles Texture
Fixed! UE-103410 Incorrect names listed in property matrix of the groom editor
Fixed! UE-94916 Hair Does Not Cast Shadow In Proper Location
Fixed! UE-105201 Cascade particle system crash when changing levels in a cooked game
Fixed! UE-103902 Crash sampling a Skeletal Mesh Actor with a MinLOD out of bounds of available LODs
Fixed! UE-104454 Random crash when opening ThirdPersonCharacter editor
Fixed! UE-104432 Crash when binding some Grooms and clicking “Compile” in the ThirdPersonCharacter editor
Fixed! UE-104184 Harsh edges in the cloud scape of the new cloud actor in 4.26

**Fixed!** UE-104182 [CrashReport] RayGenShaderIndex != INDEX_NONE [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/D3D12RHI/Private/D3D12RayTracing.cpp] [Line: 4027]

Fixed! UE-104181 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FPrecomputedVolumetricLightmapData::ReleaseRHI() [PrecomputedVolumetricLightmap.cpp:303]
Fixed! UE-103941 Crash when dragging some Grooms to the “Groom Asset” field
Fixed! UE-103940 Crash when changing some Grooms in the “Groom Asset” field
Fixed! UE-103844 Crash when switching to another Groom Asset Editor tab after adding new “Minimum LOD”
Fixed! UE-95922 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FShaderCompilingManager::ProcessCompiledShaderMaps(TMap<int,FShaderMapFinalizeResults,FDefaultSetAllocator,TDefaultMapHashableKeyFuncs<int,FShaderMapFinalizeResults,0> > &,float) [ShaderCompiler.cpp:2316]
Fixed! UE-106109 Setting Texture Object within Niagara fails to update texture
Fixed! UE-105400 Enabling Frustrum Culling on a Mesh Renderer removes their cast shadows
Fixed! UE-105261 Component pool shipping build crash
Fixed! UE-105163 Crash in UNiagaraComponent::PostLoad when running with -stompmalloc
Fixed! UE-104235 Niagara systems set as a Niagara System Component’s System Asset are missing from packaged CPP project
Fixed! UE-104139 Crash with the RDG Builder in the niagara hair velocity
Fixed! UE-103836 Particle Data Exports only work in the final simulation stage
Fixed! UE-102199 Toggling static switch caused a crash related to timeline keys and burst
Fixed! UE-100502 Selecting an item from the CVar Conditions filtered menu with mouse click closes the menu without setting the array element
Fixed! UE-100499 Ensure when adding duplicate CVar conditions to Scalability and Scalability Overrides
Fixed! UE-97456 Crash when resetting an input to the duplicate parent emitter’s value
Fixed! UE-97114 Emitter level dependencies are incorrectly satisfied and break emitter
Fixed! UE-96739 Uniform Static Mesh Sampling doesn’t work on GPU Niagara Emitters
Fixed! UE-95737 A green arrow to reset input in the Niagara selection panel - doesn’t work
Fixed! UE-104970 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-ContentBrowserAssetDataSource!ContentBrowserAssetData::MoveAssetFolderItems(TArrayView<TSharedRef<FContentBrowserAssetFolderItemDataPayload const ,0> const ,int>,FName) [ContentBrowserAssetDataCore.cpp:907]
Fixed! UE-104356 Skinned mesh corruption in ray tracing effects
Fixed! UE-103748 GPU Lightmass: some maps have uninitialized data in bake-what-you-see mode
Fixed! UE-91271 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FInstancedStaticMeshSceneProxy::GetDynamicRayTracingInstances(FRayTracingMaterialGatheringContext &,TArray<FRayTracingInstance,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > &) [InstancedStaticMesh.cpp:1200]
Fixed! UE-106385 RHICopyTexture fails to copy from R16G16 to BC1
Fixed! UE-106088 Vulkan RHI when execute the node “Create Render Target 2D” when enabling the option “AutoGenerate Mip Maps”
Fixed! UE-105264 GitHub 7658 : Fix D3D12 swapchain image leak
Fixed! UE-104758 Vulkan Eviction & Defrag does not work on nvidia hardware
Fixed! UE-104518 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-StatsViewer!static class FName ShaderPlatformToShaderFormatName(EShaderPlatform) [RHIShaderFormatDefinitions.inl:127]
Fixed! UE-104484 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12CommandListFence::GetCurrentFence() [D3D12DirectCommandListManager.h:165]
Fixed! UE-104264 Crash on shutdown in D3DX12Residency::Internal::ScopedLock
Fixed! UE-104008 Texture2DArrayResource .cpp has a space in the file name.
Fixed! UE-82937 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D11RHI!VerifyD3D11Result(long,char const *,char const *,unsigned int,ID3D11Device *) [D3D11Util.cpp:249]
Fixed! UE-104936 Skylight not working properly with mGPU + nDisplay on viewfamilies not in GPU 0.
Fixed! UE-104880 GitHub 7637 : Fixed: PhysX broadphase settings are not working in 4.26
Fixed! UE-106192 StaticMeshEditor - “Generate UV” tool no longer works
Fixed! UE-106083 [CrashReport] UUnrealEdEngine::CanSelectActor(AActor *,bool,bool,bool) [EditorSelectUtils.cpp:480]
Fixed! UE-105275 Reported assert when adding spline point to a segment
Fixed! UE-105211 MaterialFunction files not deleting
Fixed! UE-105017 Subobject components do not have undo functionality within the level
Fixed! UE-104984 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!UEditorEngine::Tick(float,bool) [EditorEngine.cpp:1322]
Fixed! UE-104977 [CrashReport] UUnrealEdEngine::AttemptModifiedPackageNotification
Fixed! UE-104972 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D11RHI!FD3D11DynamicRHI::RHISetShaderTexture(FRHIComputeShader *,unsigned int,FRHITexture *) [D3D11Commands.cpp:437]
Fixed! UE-104959 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Core!ReportCrash(_EXCEPTION_POINTERS *) [WindowsPlatformCrashContext.cpp:1574]
Fixed! UE-104663 Static array UI naming no longer works properly
Fixed! UE-104491 [CrashReport] UEditorEngine::GetTransactionName() [EditorServer.cpp:1420]
Fixed! UE-104395 Play Standalone doesn’t respect Viewport Size options
Fixed! UE-103581 Transient actor can not be deleted from level
Fixed! UE-92943 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!UEditorEngine::Map_Load(wchar_t const *,FOutputDevice &) [EditorServer.cpp:2606]
Fixed! UE-106064 [CrashReport] SAssetView::AssetVerifyRenameCommit(TSharedPtr<FAssetViewItem,0> const &,FText const &,FSlateRect const &,FText &) [SAssetView.cpp:3495]

**Fixed!** UE-105009 [CrashReport] Assertion failed: false [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Private/UObject/UnrealNames.cpp] [Line: 1829]

Fixed! UE-104685 Dynamic Collection are not filtering properly after being reloaded
Fixed! UE-104246 Navisworks Exporter Fails to Execute on some systems
Fixed! UE-104237 Revit Direct Link - Missing material slot data in mesh
Fixed! UE-104204 DirectLink - Duplicated materials elements
Fixed! UE-103392 Revit plugin crash with direct link when swapping family types
Fixed! UE-103105 Revit Plugin Direct Link - Static Mesh changes
Fixed! UE-102785 Revit Plugin Datasmith Direct Link - Multiple actors with the same name
Fixed! UE-102734 DirectLink - Duplicated textures elements
Fixed! UE-102361 Typo in Navisworks Ribbon
Fixed! UE-102295 DirectLink Revit - Non unique name for component childs actors
Fixed! UE-102041 DirectLink - Revit Add-on - An additional camera (bloat) for each sync
Fixed! UE-106213 CAD Import: Wrong scene graph after importing same file with different options
Fixed! UE-106145 Datasmith import crash on MacOS with provided file
Fixed! UE-104594 Variant Manager causing crashes in packaged project with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
Fixed! UE-104585 Datasmith re-tessellation crashing when a static mesh asset is manually moved from one project to another
Fixed! UE-104557 DatasmithRuntimeDemo crash in packaged shipping application at startup
Fixed! UE-104330 DatasmithRhinoExporter - Plugin installer is detecting Rhino7 as Rhino6
Fixed! UE-103903 Datasmith runtime importer crash in packaged shipping application
Fixed! UE-103683 Datasmith API: an ensure is raised while importing a IDatasmithLandscapeElement
Fixed! UE-103644 Material slot issue on importing CATPart and retessellate
Fixed! UE-103371 A transformation which apply a symmetry on Y axis is translated by Datasmith by a rotation around Z axis
Fixed! UE-103367 PLMXML from Deltagen: Matrix convention different from Deltagen to Unreal
Fixed! UE-102951 Datasmith runtime importer stuck on mesh loading
Fixed! UE-102950 Crash when loading 8k images with the Datasmith Runtime plugin
Fixed! UE-102385 Datasmith Runtime Crash when modifying scene
Fixed! UE-102155 (Demo Project)Revit Direct Link sources lost when opening a new source
Fixed! UE-104100 Advanced Copy creates non-compiling BPs when one copied asset calls a BP function on another copied asset
Fixed! UE-103856 Crash when doing Advanced Copy on an actor and a component
Fixed! UE-104622 HLOD packages are not saved properly when the bSaveLODActorsToPackages option isn’t set
Fixed! UE-106198 USD Skel mesh exports wrong skinning info
Fixed! UE-106117 Callstack dump when using ImportAssetsAutomated
Fixed! UE-106067 [CrashReport]UE4Editor-MeshUtilities!FixupMaterialSlotNames_Implementation(TArray<FStaticMaterial,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > &) [MeshUtilities.cpp:3038]
Fixed! UE-104983 [CrashReport] UPackageTools::UnloadPackages
Fixed! UE-104718 Imported UDIM asset names are not properly sanitized
Fixed! UE-104271 Lidar: Collision needs to be manually removed before rebuilding for the effects to be applied
Fixed! UE-104268 Lidar: TargetFPS is ignored in packaged projects
Fixed! UE-104116 Random Crashes in FLidarPointCloudLODManager::PrepareProxies()
Fixed! UE-103904 Error when exporting OBJ unattended
Fixed! UE-103791 Using Do Not Create Material in FBX import settings seems to result in only one Material Slot
Fixed! UE-103769 USD Camera anim doesn’t show in sequencer
Fixed! UE-103640 AxF car paint color not matching AxF Viewer
Fixed! UE-103489 USD file path should be convert to relative path when possible.
Fixed! UE-103201 USD - Orphaned components after moving them in PIE
Fixed! UE-106476 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!FEditorFileUtils::SaveDirtyPackages(bool,bool,bool,bool,bool,bool,bool *) [FileHelpers.cpp:3483]
Fixed! UE-105002 [CrashReport]UE4Editor-Engine!UStreamableRenderAsset::UnlinkStreaming() [StreamableRenderAsset.cpp:218]
Fixed! UE-104504 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MetalRHI!FMetalVertexBuffer::FMetalVertexBuffer(unsigned int, unsigned int) [MetalVertexBuffer.cpp:88]
Fixed! UE-104493 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Landscape!FLandscapeLayersCopyTexture_RenderThread::Copy(FRHICommandListImmediate &) [LandscapeEditLayers.cpp:1082]
Fixed! UE-104170 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!UStreamableRenderAsset::UnlinkStreaming() [StreamableRenderAsset.cpp:218]
Fixed! UE-69483 Unhandled Exception attempting to paint on a Landscape with a weight-blended layer that was recently deleted and recreated
Fixed! UE-106786 Sculpt tools target plane cannot be placed on objects in the scene
Fixed! UE-106368 Materials used in some Modeling Tools can be Garbage Collected while still in use
Fixed! UE-105267 Invert operation in Mesh Selection Tool can hang editor for many seconds/minutes
Fixed! UE-104691 Re-tessellation: Skip Deleted surfaces option make tessellation ineffective
Fixed! UE-104384 Crash using VoxBlend Tool when scrubbing through ‘Offset Solidify Surface’ values
Fixed! UE-104125 Ensure is hit on first stroke in DynaSculpt Tool on some meshes
Fixed! UE-104124 Crash in PolyEdit Weld Edges Operation
Fixed! UE-104123 Cannot reposition workplane with hotkeys in PolyCut Tool
Fixed! UE-104122 Mesh To Collision tool does not render preview for Convex Hulls
Fixed! UE-104121 Weld Mesh Edges Tool frequently fails
Fixed! UE-102601 Cook errors with Python developer mode enabled (deprecated imp module)
Fixed! UE-106494 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-SlateCore!SImage::OnPaint(FPaintArgs const &,FGeometry const &,FSlateRect const &,FSlateWindowElementList &,int,FWidgetStyle const &,bool) [SImage.cpp:27]

**Fixed!** UE-104991 [CrashReport] SlateRHIRenderer!FSlateRHIRenderingPolicy::DrawElements

Fixed! UE-104825 GitHub 7620 : Fixed editor and run-time crash caused by a dangling pointer when using IStereoLayers with any VR system
Fixed! UE-103403 Hittestgrid get remove and readded in GlobalInvalidation
Fixed! UE-106499 [CrashReport]UE4Editor-PropertyAccessEditor!TBaseSPMethodDelegateInstance<1,SPropertyBinding const ,0,EVisibility ,FDefaultDelegateUserPolicy>::Execute() [DelegateInstancesImpl.h:290]
Fixed! UE-105244 User can not move objects around in the Widget Designer
Fixed! UE-105164 Items in Canvas Panel of Widget Blueprint can not be moved by Clicking and Dragging
Fixed! UE-104468 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UMGEditor!FWidgetBlueprintEditorUtils::PasteWidgetsInternal(TSharedRef<FWidgetBlueprintEditor,0>,UWidgetBlueprint *,FString const &,FWidgetReference,FName,FVector2D,bool,bool &) [WidgetBlueprintEditorUtils.cpp:1331]
Fixed! UE-103868 Ensure condition failed: Play an animation in the finished animation event called from UUserWidget::StopAllAnimation
Fixed! UE-102705 Crash when drag and drop a UI element from HorizontalBox to another widget blueprint
Fixed! UE-105031 log spam when reading image sequences
Fixed! UE-104952 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UdpMessaging!FUdpMessagingModule::HandleTransportError() [UdpMessagingModule.cpp:620]
Fixed! UE-104485 Stage Monitor - Crash when building DDC build on Linux
Fixed! UE-97171 Blackmagic doesn’t work with sdk 11.6
Fixed! UE-103393 Pixel Inspector Final Color shows black for OCIO viewports
Fixed! UE-104569 DMX Pixel Mapping - Cannot output 16bit RGB values to patched fixtures
Fixed! UE-103283 Crash - 2 DMX libraries in Take Recorder without subscenes
Fixed! UE-103282 DMX + Take Recorder only works with 1 library at a time.
Fixed! UE-102971 DMX - Fully enable runtime switching of fixture patch
Fixed! UE-102662 Add sequence number for the sending package (ArtNet and SACN)
Fixed! UE-102527 DMX - UDMXEntityFixturePatch::ConvertAttributeMapToRawMap returns MSB value when the attribute is of LSB type
Fixed! UE-104050 Maya and Mobu LiveLink 2020 aren’t built from horde job
Fixed! UE-103285 4.26 LiveLink MarketPlace Validation - error when loading Maya mll into Plug-in Manager
Fixed! UE-106205 VRPN tracking broken in 4.26.0
Fixed! UE-106204 Merge missing nDisplay UnrealInsights timers into release stream
Fixed! UE-102964 GitHub 7501 : Fixed axis remapping when parsing nDisplay text config files
Fixed! UE-106419 Remote Control Preset - Renaming a function in the preset makes it impossible to call the function
Fixed! UE-106417 Remote Control API - Preset editor is missing button to disable “Use less CPU in background option”
Fixed! UE-106415 Remote Control API - Notifications should not be sent back to websocket client that originated the change
Fixed! UE-106057 Invalid test condition in MediaOutput
Fixed! UE-106059 ExecCmds not working for nDisplay devices in Switchboard
Fixed! UE-103687 4.26 - Fortnite Apollo_GPUPerfTest level crashes on load
Fixed! UE-103623 Assert when selecting multiple spline points with one of the water spline point visualizer gizmo selected
Fixed! UE-103510 Water Screenshot Tests fail on Mac
Fixed! UE-103124 Re-enable Water EngineTests
Fixed! UE-101351 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!UActorComponent::PreEditChange(FProperty *) [ActorComponent.cpp:752]
Fixed! UE-103989 Transient Actors inconsistently dirty the level on spawn, edit, and destroy
Fixed! UE-105471 GitHub 7662 : Add warning to avoid unexpected LateUpdateManager results
Fixed! UE-105424 OpenXR call failed with result XR_ERROR_HANDLE_INVALID on OpenXR projects for Quest 1 and 2
Fixed! UE-104822 Visible area mesh has an incorrect shape
Fixed! UE-104674 APK/OBB mismatch when GameDefaultMap changes
Fixed! UE-104527 Separate translucency doesn’t render to right eye with MSAA enabled
Fixed! UE-104227 GitHub 7579 : WMR Hand Mesh fix
Fixed! UE-103923 Disable multiview for mobile VR preview
Fixed! UE-103576 Failed to find shader type FLensDistortionUVGenerationVS in Platform PCD3D_ES31 when running BP_ConformanceDistortTest_00 in ComposurePostMoves map in EngineTest project
Fixed! UE-103493 Missing transition in debug canvas.
Fixed! UE-103387 Oculus Quest: Vulkan ensure occurs when running a project on Quest
Fixed! UE-103228 GitHub 7530 : Hololens BP-only project package fix
Fixed! UE-103058 Quest 2: 2D scene capture causes app to crash if lighting is not rebuilt
Fixed! UE-102176 GitHub 7461 : Update HandMesh visualization
Fixed! UE-101972 GitHub 7453 : Handle Index Grip Click/Touch and Trackpad Clicks
Fixed! UE-106792 Editor will crash on attempt to load a previously-saved Blueprint asset with a serialized default subobject containing a serialized static array of two or more nested subobject instances.
Fixed! UE-104133 Hair guide influence and cluster view don’t work