4.26.1 bsod at 45% shader compile

Hello☺️ So i have little problem… first editor stuck at 39% but its easy to fix but now at 45% i get bsod… pc is on stock settings. Any ideas?

Are you trying to launch the RAY TRACING project?

I have GTX 1060 my card not suport RT

It does, and in the case it doesnt it just doesnt raytrace, instead of flat out BSODing

I check cearfully everything… and today I try download new version and reset my Visual studio than i try compile again and start editor if show bsod again i give here error code… swarmagent work all time so first time i have problem like this :slightly_frowning_face:
All parts have good temps so overheat is imposible

I upgraded to version 4.26.2, in the previous version it happened that when I activated the lightning option, it stayed at 39% load in the editor.

Still compile now 48 fatal errors :joy: like cvt1107 etc and rebuild nothing help wtf :sob::gun:

Ok Three times compile again , rubuild solution , start with admin rights and still cant open 89 - 95% rendercore.dll error + async error when trying open editor

some random suggestions.
Try older gpu driver like 440.20 or or 465.11 or newer. Don’t use anything between that too many issues.
check if your ssd have any issue.
Is the engine installation corrupt?
Reinstall windows and check again.