4.25 migration guide?


is there something like migration guide for 4.25 for C++ projects, especially plugins? My plugin compiles fine in 4.25 and works, but Visual Studio 2019 is completely wrecked, reporting over 300 errors in just 3 source code files. Deleting and regenerating the usual folders (.vs, intermediate, etc…) did not help :frowning:

EDIT: Nevermind. I forgot one step of that multistep process. I always miss one :slight_smile:

Anyway, wasn’t there some UPROPERTY to FPROPERTY change? I am kinda surprised it compiled and worked :slight_smile:

Rama normally starts a thread, im sure one will pop up in the next few days.
:slight_smile: patience young grass hopper!

I am on it!



It seems that lots of low level rendering code were refactored. For example: overriding Serialize function is no longer needed. Instead shader parameters are using LAYOUT_FIELD macro potentially map to serialization.

I would be interested in this too, especially for compute shaders. Most of my code is broken and I don’t seem to find an alternative of the functions they changed or removed completely :smiley: