4.25 Landscape scultping is Broken

Hi Need some assistance. My 4.25 was installed recently so I could use it for a new project I’m working on.
As soon as i created a landscape and started sculpting everything was perfectly normal for about 5 hours. Then out of no-where it starts lagging like crazy. After doing any action with the brush I get a 10-20 second delay before it appears on the screen. Using a gtx 2070 Super and intel core I7 6-700 CPU. Some help would be greatly appreciated as I can’t go back to older versions as programmers/artists are working on 4.25.

When I say it’s lagging I mean only the landscape tool is lagging when ever I do any action. My frame rate is above 120 solid and ms around 8.

Sounds like your landscape tile got corrupted.
Export the heightmap. create a new adjacent level to replace the broken one, in the level panel set the Z to match the one that broke.
Open up the new tile individually, Import the exported heightmap onto the new level. Paint it as you need to - probably use Unlit to work on it.

Then delete the old tile that broke - move it to another folder if you don’t want to delete it right away.

When you re-load your persistent and re-load the levels the sculpting should work fine.

The “lag” you do however also get from using too large a brush size, or working on too many landscape layers at once (read as, load less levels).

I get the same thing lately in 4.20 also. Only sometimes , but also when I even go to copy and paste something , or move something around , I can see the blinking green light around the graduation cap at the top slow down and sometimes when I select something on the level it cycles through the world outliner list of things for a bit before it will settle onto what I selected.

Even with the latest .25.1 there are hitches working with world composition, but not usually within the level editing. Try and verify your engine files, something may be amiss (particularly in .20).

As far as world-comp goes I’m almost 100% certain there is a memory leak that causes the issues with tile loading/unloading/selection. I’d have to build from source to figure out what exactly is doing it… no time for that during a jam…