4.25 Download Question

just started learning UE4, and chose the Creative license.
The launcher only gives me the option for downloading 4.13.2 instead of 4.25.
Is 4.25 only for paid licenses?

Just figured it out…the instructions said to click on Unreal Engine tab, then the install button…
there is no “install button”, but there is a “+” button which I missed earlier. :rolleyes:
I clicked on it to get 4.25, then 4.26.
Already started projects in 4.13, so will delete them, and start over with 4.26.
Onward & upward. :cool:

I wouldn’t rush into that! As projects advance, it can be advantageous to have multiple copies across different engine versions. Why? To help to weed out regression bugs / upgrade issues. For example 4.10-4.18 were much more stable than 4.19-4.26:wink: So 4.26? Nah! Recommend waiting for 4.27 polish. But its up to you… :stuck_out_tongue: