[4.25] Convolution Reverb won't save when in use?

Hey guys! In my project, I set up a Convolution Reverb submix effect with an Impulse response, but for whatever reason…it breaks? If I **use **the IR in the reverb effect, and the reverb in a submix, both files become unusable the next time I open the project. The files still exist in the content browser, but they cannot be used, accessed or modified. The reverb effect is also automatically removed from being in use in the submix, and cannot be reinstated.

Contrast to **unused **Impulse Responses and reverbs, which *can be accessed perfectly fine *upon re-opening the project. The issue solely lies with ones used in a submix.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, do you know how to fix it? Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @Mukar, I’m sorry you’re experiencing some issues.

Which version of 4.25 are you using?


I found the issue. Apologies for not updating the thread. The problem was with a plugin I was using.

Glad it was resolved!

I have the same issue, what do you mean when you said "the problem was with a plugin I was using? Can you give more info, please?