4.25.4 will not launch.

Hello everyone! I am a student trying to run version 4.25.4 on a Macbook Pro, Catalina 10.15.7 OS. (This was the computer sent to me by my school.) For whatever reason, I cannot even launch the program. It starts up and begins initializing, but only makes it to 18% before crashing and giving me an error. The 4.25.4 was the version I was told to use for my project, which is why I am not downloading the newest version. Any guidance or tips would be appreciated, as I have never used this program before.

Fatal error: [File:/Users/build/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Developer/Apple/MetalShaderFormat/Private/MetalShaderCompiler.cpp] [Line: 734] Failed to extract Metal compiler search directories

This is the error it is giving me.

Can I still get to the project manager even if the bootup process doesn’t go all the way through?

I can’t promise this will work but its worth a try. In your project folders, there are 2 folders called intermediate and saved, those contains build data made by the engine (everytime you save or compile) if you delete them, they will be rebuild on the next project opening, (don’t hesitate to backup before you do)

uhhhh I think you’re talking about the file. The two thing I suggested you delete are folders on your computer… If you go to Epic Launcher right click the project you’re having problems with and then show in folder. I know its UnrealEngine\Projects\ProjectName on windows

Then if this doesn’t work I would try to reinstall because then it would seem like you’re missing a file.

Okay. I did do that, and uninstalled and reinstalled, but I’m still running into that same issue. Could it possibly be an issue with the epic games launcher?

After some finagling, I found out that Xcode was the problem. Thank you for your response!

Can you more in-depth about it I also have the same issue