4.25.4 Production Builds Stuck On Loading Screen

I am having an issue where users are getting stuck on the loading screen.

This is a brand new app release so these are all first time installers.

The bundle was tested against 3 devices through googles robo platform and even 2 of the 3 show they were stuck on the loading screen. (See screen shot atteched)
2 screen shots show the app was stuck on loading through out the entire 5 minutes of recording
1 screen shot shows the app working as intended, the video showed it as well through out the entire recording.

Some phones the app loads correctly while others it just stays stuck on loading.

I have not been able to find a common trait or issue amongst the few reports I have now.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

This issue still exists.

I exported the android settings and imported them onto another app I am releasing.
That app does not suffer from the same issue so I do not think the issue is in the android configuration.

This is extremely frustrating as I have no way to check these devices physically.

It is failing for half of my users from what I can gather from analytics. There is no unique division I can find between the ones crashing and the ones able to play. (like architecture or android version)

The main difference between the two apps I am releasing is very small in its core. The main difference is one uses save slots and the other doesn’t. How ever I tried builds with out save slots and it still failed on the robotests.

Current Known 100% Failing Devices are:

Any help is greatly appreciated.